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Liona - Riding My Bike [WebYoung] (2014|FullHD|610.35 MB)

Liona frequently explores the meadows, fields and forests around her beautiful home on her bike. Liona's bike is lucky, because today Liona has more to think of than just gliding like the wind through the flora and fauna on her bike. When no one is around Liona gently rubs the bars of the bike against her pussy. Her underwear are in the way, but it still feels so good to just get herself feeling a little horny like a wood nymph.Back home the primal urges seem to boil up from Liona's core. As she strips clothes from her body you can see her get more and more excited. As she imagines the open road and the bike's rigid bars between her legs, she begins to palm her shaved pussy beneath her bright pink panties. Each time her fingers come into contact with her lush lips jolts of energy fire to her brain, driving her wild with anticipation. Liona inserts a finger and writhes wildly against her hand. Liona's breathy tones and moans become saucier with every moment as she guides her fingers against her insides and slides her insides against her fingers, torn between which is giving her more of the heated sensation.The bright sun fills the warm room with white light when the pink panties finally fall off. Liona chooses her fingers after-all. She re-positions herself so she can penetrate her moist pussy with one hand and palm her nubile breast with the other. You can hear her orgasm approaching as she wails moans of ecstasy. Her final breaths before the explosion of pleasure are quick and loud. Liona lies back instantly, caressing her body glowing like the light that penetrates her window.
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Scarlett Red, Sierra Nevadah - Discovery Girls, Part 1 [WebYoung] (2014|FullHD|1.07 GB)

Scarlett's family is away for the weekend, and she's so excited because she's finally old enough to stay home alone! Luckily, her parents told her she could have a friend over for the weekend if she wanted. The only one on her mind is Sierra Nevadah, and when Sierra Nevadah arrives it's not long before the close friends find something entertaining to do. Scarlett suggests they watch a movie in her parent's bedroom. After looking for something to watch they nestle in for the show. The untitled DVD Sierra Nevadah finds screams tons of fun, and soon they find themselves watching something that Sierra Nevadah wasn't expecting. They discover that 'My Tutor' is lesbian erotica. Scarlett isn't surprised to see that her parents are watching porn. In fact, she knew about it. Why else would she send Sierra Nevadah looking where she knew Sierra Nevadah would find that DVD? It's clear that Scarlett has a crush on Sierra Nevadah. As their viewing continues we see that both are naive to the thought of sex, but curious, giggling about what happens on screen and blushing a bit, realizing that it's some high quality stuff! It's clear that Sierra Nevadah feels the same when Scarlett begins to peel off her clothes, and we see that Sierra Nevadah is watching intently. Scarlett convinces Sierra Nevadah to take off her shorts too, and they begin to masturbate to the porn. Sierra Nevadah is reluctant, but only because she's never done it before. It's clear that Sierra is interested, all she needs is a little push. Scarlett is focused on her friend, and Sierra Nevadah doesn't know what to think, but pushes past her boundaries to show Scarlett her nipples. As they continue Sierra Nevadah gets carried away with herself, much to the enjoyment of Scarlett, who watches her intently. Sierra Nevadah finally gives Scarlett the green light to keep watching her. As the heat in the room rises they continue back to back topless, enjoying every minute of 'My Tutor.' Soon the situation gets Sierra so excited she can't help but moan. The two horny vixens find themselves in bliss and soon they drop their inhibitions and Scarlett begins to use her hand to help Sierra. All this sexual tension has led to Scarlett tasting Sierras sweet shaved pussy. She continues to lick and suck at Sierra Nevadah through rising moans and cries to her first orgasm. Sierra Sierra is done, she leaves Scarlett wanting more. Can you imagine finally being able to be with the one you have liked for such a long time, only to discover that she isn't willing to reciprocate? Scarlett needs a moment to think about how to proceed on this uneven ground with Sierra. To be continued...
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Diva, Jenny - Fantasies Come True [WebYoung] (2014|HD|677.98 MB)

When Diva comes back to the couch in just a towel they begin caressing one another, and Jenny's fantasies have just begun to come true. They kiss gently at first, and then more passionately as they both realize what they've been missing all these years. Neither can believe that their fantasies have finally come true. Jenny sucks on Diva's tits, and then Jenny reveals her own for Diva's warm mouth. The passion in the room forces the heat to rise, as they continue to make out, as if they've never had a chance. Diva helps Jenny out of her dress, while kissing Jenny's soft supple breasts. After they heap themselves panty-clad across the couch, Jenny is already writhing under Diva's mouth, against her wet panties. A buildup of hundreds of fantasies about Diva has left Jenny hornier than she could ever have imagined. Diva doesn't hesitate to kiss and lick at Jenny's shaved pussy, using her fingers to help coax jenny slowly toward the orgasm of a lifetime. Diva eats at Jenny's pussy like a soft juicy peach in summer, and Jenny just can't handle it anymore. Jenny takes control, lying Diva back against the couch, and quickly finding a place between Diva's sacred legs. Having the chance to worship Diva for real, doesn't faze Jenny, as she inserts two fingers, and laps at Diva like she's always dreamed. In moments Diva is breathing heavier and letting squeaks and moans emanate from her diaphragm. Finally Jenny's precision g-spot fingering, and expert tongue have brought Diva close to bliss. Jenny places herself behind Diva, spooning her to get access to Diva's mouth. While kissing Jenny continues to finger Diva giving her the juicy orgasm of a lifetime.
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Catie Parker, Skylar Green - NSFW [WebYoung] (2014|FullHD|1.06 GB)

The two horny nubile blondes tear off their clothes and get to it. Skylar give's Catie's ass a grab and a gentle slap, as the heat begins to rise. Catie is eager to do down on Skylar, and within seconds she's licking Skylar's sweet shaved pussy with her strong slick tongue. Hear Skylar scream and cry with intense pleasure. Skylar's attention proves that she loves to watch the action. Only when the bliss rises to a fever pitch does she allow her gaze to break, finding inward a fantasy to focus her intense contractions. Catie's tongue knows its way around a teen clitoris, but when she adds her hands, Skylar finds a new focus, and her heavy breathing suggests that she nearly can't handle the pleasure.